"Big People Food"

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Are we going to look back on our lives someday, and wish we had spent more time growing spiritually while we could?

If I had been faced with a child who had growth problems, I would have done whatever it took to get them the best doctors and treatment available. That’s the way we do it, and rightfully so. But do we, myself included, give the same attention, effort, and urgency to spiritual growth?

If we gave our jobs the same amount of attention we give to our spiritual growth, would we still be employed?

There have been times in my life that God got my leftovers or some of them. If I had any time and energy left over, maybe God got some. There were times I treated my money the same way. God got great lip service from me, but that’s about all.

This life is all about preparation for the next life, and if we get to the end of this life still feeding on milk, what does that say about our preparation? Just how serious were we?

Our God requires more than that from us, doesn’t He? If we ourselves don’t know enough Bible knowledge to explain why we believe, or how to become a Christian, how can we influence others, our own families or be capable of teaching anyone how to get to heaven?

Today, consider the amount of effort you put into growing spiritually. Assembling with the saints for worship regularly is of extreme importance, but if we believe that is sufficient for us to grow and obtain Godly wisdom, are we really giving that a fair evaluation? We send our kids to school 5 days a week, at least 12 years of their lives and usually 2-6 more to try and give them the knowledge and tools for life. Can they possibly be equipped spiritually for life with 1 hour or less a week learning God’s word and His will?

Only we can answer for ourselves. I know for myself, I need to give God even more time. I need even more knowledge. I need even more nourishment. I need to be growing and staying healthy spiritually until the day I die!