We Seek - He Secures

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We could write every day about the love of Christ and always find something great to say. We could do the same with regards to our faith. Our place with Christ is something to tell others about as often as we can, and it never grows old. Today if you don't really know Jesus, we would love to sit down with you and show Him to you.

We live secure lives in the family of God. He doesn't protect us physically from everything this life holds for us, we must face illness, injury, pain, troubles, problems, sorrow and the physical things of life just like everyone else. But the fears, the helplessness, the hopelessness, the insecurities and the loneliness that non-believers endure are not ours to bear because we always have God, and God always takes care of us. He even gives us a family to help us in time of need.

My scripture reading today was in Luke, and when I got to chapter 12 I wanted to write down these thoughts to encourage us all. I would use Matthew's account of Jesus' words if I were trying to teach a class because Matt 5-6-7 all need to go together. Read those tonight if you can. Make the time!

Jesus is telling us not to worry about many things in this life. Don't worry about food or clothes, because God cares for the birds of the air, and we are worth more to Him than they are. He reminds us that this life is temporary, and that we need not worry about it, because worry accomplishes nothing, it can't add any days to our lives. Our faith is secure in that God will care for us, not always by keeping us from going through hard times and troubles, but in that He will be there with us through them. We never walk alone. What God wants us to do is seek Him first in all we do, in all our pursuits, and leave the heavy lifting to Him.

How often do we get caught up in worry? Can we turn it over to God and let go? Some things are certainly easier than others, but God doesn't distinguish between easy and hard, that's all relative to our understanding. God can manage it all, and we need to let Him!

Luke 12:31, Matthew 6:33