Be Careful!

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Don't feed the hand that bites you!

No, actually I did get that right. When we feed our appetite for sinful or worldly things, we lose. When we yield our will to Satan's temptations, we encourage him for more. When we feed our lives with ungodly things, most certainly they will come back to haunt us. We certainly need to not feed the monster, because we may get bit.

I can tell you that there have been times in my life when I had a problem, and my response was to make it worse, and it simply grew. It wasn't credit cards in my case, but that's probably a really good example to use. We can't spend our way out of debt. There is only one way to fix that problem. Sometimes, parents have to let their kids learn certain things the hard way. Likewise, employers with their employees often see gasoline thrown on the fire so to speak when we prefer to see positive changes. Problems seem to continue to mount instead of the improvements we prefer to see and often permanent damage is done.

The same might hold true of our friends, and I'm speaking about those friends who we probably need to spend less time with. If we are looking to make some radical spiritual changes in our lives, likely we are never going to accomplish that if we keep hanging with the same crowd that encourages us to do everything except what we need to. In that same light, if we do have friends who steer us in the direction we know we ought to go, let's feed that effort by spending more time with them.

What about Bible study? If we want to grow in our knowledge and faith, we need to feed ourselves scripture and knowledge. I believe the same would certainly hold true about prayer. If we feed our faith with more knee time to God, certainly we are better off. Let us feed our time, energy, efforts, money and everything we have to those things that will improve our lives, not degrade them.

Whatever you are feeding today, is it making you grow or shrink? Is it making you better off or worse? Are you more in control or less in control? Are you happier?

Today, consider those things that you are feeding, including yourself. Evaluate the effects they are having on you. Determine whether or not it is healthy for you, spiritually speaking. If it is, feed more! If it's not, stop feeding the hand that bites you.