Don't Miss The Signs

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I was leaving Lubbock the other night on 19th Street at University going east when the car in front of me failed to follow the sign that indicated to 'keep right'. I saw the car hit the curb and lurch into the air sparks flying, I heard a loud pop that I assume was the tire blowing out, and after a moment of bouncing around the driver ended up regaining control and quickly pulled off the road.

Miraculously, the driver didn't hit the actual signpost, so I suppose you could say they "missed the sign", twice actually!

Missing the signpost and not flattening the sign was a good thing, but missing the sign by not seeing it and not paying attention resulted in a vehicle accident with damages.

I suppose the metaphor is fundamental, and a bit simple if we ask 'how often do we miss the signs in life', but it's a valid question all the same. How often does God send us direction, but we either fail to recognize it, or perhaps we chose to ignore it? How often does that little voice in our brain suggest us doing, or not doing something, and we plow right over the curb in front of us anyway?

When we say signs, we're not talking about words or diagrams on a piece of metal on a pole. In the Bible, God bore witness with signs and wonders, miracles that eluded many of that day. Interestingly, Jesus gave very clear signs of some things, while warning that we should ignore certain other things that might appear to be signs, but they would NOT be. For instance, Christ said (Matt 24) that people would use wars, earthquakes, famines and other things as signs to suggest the end of the world. We've seen several of those come and go in our lifetime haven't we?

“Take heed that you not be deceived. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am He,’ and, ‘The time has drawn near.’ Therefore do not go after them” (Luke 21:8) Certain signs we are to ignore, and God warns us of such.

Yet, Christ had many other teachings we need to pay heed to, things that guide us through our lives. We learn of these through diligent study of His word. They may tell us to turn, stop, or may warn of dangers ahead if we continue. They point out false doctrine and point out the truth as well.

We need to be alert for the signs and pay attention when we "see" them so that we will be able to safely navigate through life. We don't get to witness the type of signs performed by Jesus and His Apostles in Bible days, but through the word, God guides us in our walk with Him, as long as we stay the course. Let us be alert, and "see" the things God places before us to keep us safely on His path.