Guaranteed, 100%!

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports, meme and baseball, text that says 'There is a 0.0296% chance your child will become a professional athlete. Get them to church Mark 9:42 There is a 100% chance your child will stand before Jesus.'

You've probably seen today's graphic floating around Facebook, it's been around a while.

There's nothing wrong with pursuing our dreams, as long as they are in line with God's will for us, yet how true is the graphic? How often do we devote way too much time, attention and effort to things that are so temporary, many of which may even be unattainable? Again, it's OK to chase our dreams, but can we lose sight of reality in the process?

We will definitely stand before Jesus some day, and we will definitely be judged. We will be judged on the things we have done, whether good or bad (2 Cor 5:10). We will given an answer for every idle word (Matt 12:36). A sentence will be pronounced based on God's righteous judgment (Rom 2:1-16), and we will reside wherever our lives have landed us (John 5:29) for all eternity.

Do we truly believe this will happen? Do we fully believe that our 'forever' will be based on our conduct during our short time here, whether we pursued God according to His plan or whether we lived to ourselves and our own desires?

What truly is our purpose in life? Becoming a professional athlete, famous actor, making a name in politics, or pursuing any of countless possibilities absolutely must take a back seat to fulfilling our obligation to God. God put us here with a purpose, yet we often see people, even read books trying help us to decide what our purpose is. Don't we know?

Unfortunately we think too much like humans, because our real purpose is to build our life around Christ, to accept His love and return His love, to embrace His Kingship and acknowledge our citizenship. Jesus said He came "to do His Father's will". Brothers and sisters, our mission is no less than His! He created this world with us in it, and He established a way for us to be restored to Him after our inevitable fall.

Regardless of the fact that He owns us and requires us to serve Him, we should desire to serve Him, and we should strive to love Him with everything we possess because of what He did for us out of His own love. We truly owe Him. There is a 100% guarantee that one day we will stand humbly, trembling before Him, and we will get exactly what we have coming. Knowing that, why do we live our lives so nonchalantly?