The Fishing Report

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Just happened onto something today that I wasn't looking for, and thought I'd use it to make a spiritual comparison to hopefully encourage us all.

This is the bulk of the Texas Parks and Wildlife fishing report for lake Amistad. '...Water murky; 58–62 degrees; 23.60’ low. Black bass are fair on jigs, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and Rat–L–Traps. Striped bass are good on white grubs and jigging spoons up the Rio Grande. White bass are good on slabs and white grubs up the Rio Grande. Catfish are good on shrimp, liver, and cheesebait over baited holes. Yellow catfish are slow. Everyone in a boat must have a Mexico fishing license (if fishing the Mexico side) whether fishing or not....'

A lot of fisher'men' check out the fishing report before they go or plan a trip. We are commanded to go fishing in a spiritual sense too. So here's our "fishing" report for today.

The "SEEK AND SAVE THE LOST" fishing report for West Texas. Culture is slightly harsh but approachable, uncomfortable if you mention God in the wrong politically correct conversation. In general, all breeds are feeding well on false doctrine, immorality, and the pursuit of material things, but we get the occasional report that they respond well to sincere conversation, truth and the message of the Gospel. Some specific folks and much of the media are feeding on sensationalism, mis-information and extremism, and when they are feeding on the these it's a feeding frenzy. However, there are brief periods when the truth does work well under certain conditions, so try everything, including live bait. Teens are good on SnapChat, Facebook and text messaging, but are also responding nicely to family meal time, face to face conversations with Mom and Dad and Sunday Morning Bible School. Younger children are also extremely good on Bible story time, especially if Mom or Dad is reading. Christians continue to fall prey to evil parasites and are being pushed daily to stay away from their spiritual habitat, however, they are adapting and overcoming when banning together for worship and refusing to become prey to these parasites. Everyone fishing for souls must do so in love and with the truth, because the fish are watching, even if they aren't biting.

I hope you go fishing, for souls! We are not unaware of the obstacles we face when fishing, but in spite of those, let us approach people with love and food for their souls, the Gospel of Christ, and put our bait in the water and see if they are biting. We can't catch any fish at all if we never go fishing...and like fishing, we never know exactly when they are hungry enough to bite.