God Is Always Watching

I'm sure it has happened to most of you, you look at something on Amazon, then next thing you know, Facebook is flooding you with ads for that item. I understand (well don't understand but know it is there) the link that ties FB to Amazon, but what I don't understand, and it happened to me 5 minutes ago, is the link between my company's e-mail and FB.

I opened an email a few minutes ago, and it was concerning security cameras made by a company called Reolink. I read it, and forwarded it, now I open FB just now to do this post, and what do I see, an add from Reolink, and not just Reolink, but the exact make and model. Now that's spooky, and it has happened before on other things! There is somehow a connection that is above my pay-grade, maybe a web address/link or something. We never know who is watching, but I always tell people that I don't care who is watching, because I don't have anything to be ashamed of or to hide.

That's how we should be as Christians, whether or not we have a Facebook account, or ever use e-mail, or even own a device capable of accessing them, because God is always watching, and we don't need to have anything we are ashamed of and trying to hide in our lives. Even if we did, we can't hide it from God anyway, so why try?

I don't at all support invasion of personal privacy, but when they manage some way to monitor our keystrokes, it should not matter who else is watching or what they see, because we will have nothing to worry about if they gain access to our personal world. Yes there are dishonest people that can inflict severe trauma if they gain our financial information, but as far as them knowing where I surf on the web, bring it on. In fact, let's go one step further, and live and act knowing that people are watching, and use that as a means to set an example of what a Christian should do. We are not perfect people, and I don't know any Christians who claim to be, BUT we should live our lives before God as blameless and pure as we can because without a doubt, He's watching.