We Can't Imagine!

It’s impossible for us to comprehend what Jesus did for us in His torture and crucifixion.

Some of us have known pain, great pain. Some of us have been around situations where someone was tragically killed, and witnessed the carnage. Many of us have eyes that have seen things we hope others never have to see. I have not personally been to war, and that type of death and the things that are seen are undoubtedly horrific, yet none could make us feel emotionally and physically exactly what Jesus endured for us.

Christ out of love and compassion chose to walk headlong into what would lead to an indescribable period of pain, suffering, betrayal, humiliation and sorrow. He endured a flogging, several beatings, a crown of sharp pointed thorns being smashed down on his head, blood loss, mutilation of the skin on His back and perhaps legs. After suffering through all of that He at least set out carrying the portion of His cross that His wrists would be nailed to. From the description in scripture, likely Jesus our Lord would have been covered in blood, head to toe, traumatized, weak and severely injured.

Once lifted high on the cross in pain and agony we can only imagine, there came a period where something happened that no one can comprehend. God, Jesus’ divine Heavenly Father turned His back on Jesus, as the sins of the world were placed upon Him.

Now I’ve felt guilt a couple times in my life where it weighed me down so much I just walked in a daze and felt like I had this black cloud pressing down on me. And that was just my sin, imagine carrying that for every sin for all time for all humanity. Like I said, no one can understand what Jesus did for us, or what He felt, or what He endured.

What we can do is rejoice, be glad, and surrender our lives to Him in full obedience, because that sacrifice allows us through baptism, to be united with Him in His death (Rom 6:3-9), and the price He paid for our sins keeps them removed from us (Acts 2:38, 1John 1:7-9). What we deserved, Jesus endured. What a gift, what a love. What a Savior!