Re-building Our Lives

I drive by a building every morning on the way to work, that is under construction. It's been a little interesting to watch because this building is being re-built after a fire, but not being rebuilt the same as the old one. The original foundation was used, but additional concrete was poured on top of it this time. Each day, it looks a little different, each day something new is added, and it's edging closer and closer to meeting the specifications that were drawn up for it.

God gives us the same opportunity to rebuild our lives. If some type of spiritual disaster comes along and destroys us, we have the original foundation of our faith to build a new life on. Maybe our foundation wasn't very strong the last time, and we need to reinforce it this time. Maybe what we built last time wasn't right either, and it got destroyed in some way. Maybe this time, we need to build a different life? Maybe we should get our building plans from a different place this time. God provides the pattern He wants all of us to use, and it's a shame His directions aren't always followed!

God doesn't expect every aspect of our lives to be built in one day, just as buildings aren't built in one day, but each day we build, we get bigger and better and stronger and we work toward being the child God designed us to be. The stronger our foundation, the better our ability to build something that is strong to withstand whatever might come our way.

Many of you know the building I'm talking about, and that slab of concrete sat out there for a few years after the fire before someone decided to build on it again. Maybe this describes you today, maybe your foundation is bare, but still there. Maybe your life has been vacant of any spiritual significance, and you are ready to build something again. Maybe whatever took your life down last time was devastating, and you haven't rebuilt anything yet out of fear of failure. Maybe you have been angry at God for what happened, but inside you know He's not really the one to blame. Maybe you know it's time to do something.

Our prayer today is that you will know that God doesn't want your faith to be bare, exposed to the elements, just sitting there. He will help you rebuild, and not just once, but if it takes repeated attempts to get your life rebuilt, God will be there continually, with open arms, guidance and assistance.