Do We Dodge When Satan Punches?

Have you seen these slapping contests? Sort of like a boxing match, but two guys stand at a table, and take turns getting an unchallenged slap. You have to stand there, perfectly still, can't duck or dodge, just stand there and get slapped as ferociously as the other guy can manage. And like golf, they even get a chance to line up and take a practice swing. I had not seen it before today, and apparently it originated in Russia, but it looks like something many within our borders would enjoy, in a strange kind of way.

You know, and I'm speaking of myself too, sometimes we stand there, and just let Satan slap us. We don't even try to avoid him. We don't duck, we don't throw up our hands to fend him off, we just stand there. We know he's about to hit us, we know it's going to be bad, but we just stand there.

When are we going to stop behaving this way? When are we going to stop accepting his challenges and participating in his little contests?

When we come out all red faced, swollen, bruised and battered from getting slapped around by Satan, do we learn from it, or do we press on to the next contest?