God Hears Through Our Clutter

The're are often tymes when we make mistakes in life, not bacause we want too, but bacause we just do. Their are those times when we try hour best, but still miss it just a bit. We certenly are not prefect, and even those really guifted and talinted often don't git it quiet rite, regardlis of effert. When this happens, we want people too look past hour mistakes and give us credit for hour effert. I gess in a way, it is a weekness we have, but not one we chuse to have. (Maybe you got through that, it took a lot of 'effert')

God knows we are human, and imperfect individuals. God knows we sometimes have all the right motivation, intentions, and give it our best effort in prayer, yet fall short. God also fills that gap for us with His Spirit.

The Holy Spirit living in Christians provides inspiration, and helps to "steer" our hearts so that God is glorified regardless of our execution sometimes. God sees more than just what our eyes can see or our ears can hear or our lips can utter, and He looks deeper than we can even see inside ourselves, and He provides us a helper through His very own Spirit.

Romans 8:26, regarding prayer, the Apostle Paul tells us, "In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans". I don't know about you, but there are often times I just can't quite get the words to my lips, and find myself trying to say it several different ways so God can understand what I'm trying to express. I shouldn't do that, because God knows the thought that is in my heart. God hears that thought, God understands what I'm having trouble expressing, even if I never get the right words to come out.

Certainly God hears the Spirit, after all it's His Spirit. God watches our hearts, and He sees what's really going on, He sees the real you and the real me. Assuming we are genuine in our efforts to please Him, He gets the glory. Likewise if we are sorrowful, hurt, afraid, uncertain, hopeful or happy (etc.,) God knows that too, as He sees directly into our hearts. We may be unable to express our appreciation for something, and God understands the depth of our effort just as much as if we are struggling and don't fully know what to ask for in the way of help.

There is a song along these lines, (Geoff Moore) that expresses our side of things to God, and contains these lyrics, '...and words cannot express the love we feel, but we long for you to hear...' 'but words are not enough to tell you of our love, so listen to our hearts...' '...So if you will listen to my heart, every beat will say, thank you for the life, thank you for the truth, thank you for the way...'.

God, through His Spirit, does exactly that, as long as that gratitude is indeed genuine in us. As long as we are His, through the blood of Christ, His Spirit negotiates or arbitrates on our behalf, expressing to God what we as humans may be insufficient to express adequately or completely.

In times of old, God heard groaning from His chosen people. Sometimes it was a cry for help, which He answered repeatedly. Sometimes it was a grumbling of discontentment, which God also heard. What does He hear coming from our hearts today, is it a desire to express love and ask for His rule in our lives? I pray so! If God is listening to us grumble on the other hand, I pray we can remedy those issues and give Him the praise and glory He genuinely deserves. And remember, if we can't quiet put it into words, we need not worry, God still listens and hears us, loud and clear. Our God is an awesome God!