Contagious or Not

Germs. They are what infect people. We don't get germs only from other people, but the ones that make us sick usually come to us that way. To avoid getting sick, we hope people who are sick will stay away, so that we don't get infected, because if they show up, some of those germs are going to come our way whether we like it or not. And, if those people have direct contact with us, they can't control all of their germs, and we are definately going to get some and possibly get infected.

The Gospel. It affects people. It isn't always spread person to person, but when it's 'affective', it usually comes directly from someone who cares. To get others affected with the Gospel, we need not stay away, otherwise we don't let any good news affect anyone. If we talk to them, and let them see what we have within us, some of the Gospel is going to reach them whether they like it or not. And, as we have direct contact with people, the Gospel is definately going to spill over, from what we have inside of us, and they will get some of it.

If we don't want people to catch the Gospel, we simply need to stay away from them. But if it's going to spread, it is necessary that we have contact with people, and share what's inside of us. In the case of the Good News of Jesus's death, burial and resurrection, it's something we should definately want to share, along with our love, compassion and concern. They won't need a doctor to fix what we are spreading around, because Jesus IS the doctor, the Great Physician, the Healer.

Today, cover your cough, redirect your sneeze and stay home if you are sick. But if you are not, let Jesus flow from your heart in every way possible to everyone you come in contact with. If you have opportunity today to say "God Bless You" and it's not because someone is sneezing, take advantage of it. The Gospel is definately worth spreading around until everyone has caught it.