Follow Closely

Have you ever been in a situation to intentionally follow someone you know in another vehicle somewhere, especially for some long distance, because you don't know how to get there? Maybe it's just me, (but I doubt it) when I say if anything can go wrong it will. They get the green lights, you get the red. Other cars cut in on you and force you to back off. They make a turn and you aren't in a position to see them for a few seconds. They seem to get the light traffic and you get the congested. At best, we try to just keep them in sight, catch an occasional glimpse, right?

Do we follow God the same way? If we manage to keep Him in sight or catch an occasional glimpse do we think we are doing fine? What does it mean to follow Christ? Does satan manage to do the same with our spiritual walk that we see in the above example? Does he throw up red lights, road hazards and try and cut us off?

You know the answer to all those questions. They are the same as mine I suspect. Following God isn't always easy, although sometimes it seems hazard free. When we follow Christ, we step where He steps, we turn where He turns. If He takes the hard way, we do too. If He chooses for us to swim, we swim or if He climbs the mountain, we should be right behind Him. Maybe you are afraid of water or heights, and that requires trust! He in essence wants us married to Him, so that our connection is tight, secure, intimate, and trustworthy.

Thing about it is, He tells us our yoke will be light. Satan is the one that will be trying to make it hard, and we need to realize this, because the more we can remove satan from our lives, the easier our following Christ will be! If you want to walk closer to God, distance yourself more from satan, daily, in all you do.

Today, are you truly following Christ, or just trying to catch a glimpse of Him every once in a while to stay headed in the right direction?

..."Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matt 11:29-30