Check Your Toes

Sometimes things happen in my life and my toes get stepped on, and I don't mean the digits on my feet. I get told or proven that I'm wrong. Occasionally my ego or my pride take a bruising. Usually though I actually need it, and I wind up better off because of it. Today's thought might step on some toes.

With Mother's Day just a few days away something will happen that happens every Mother's Day. There will be a few people who will go through their closet and find some nice clothes and dust off some shoes and go to church with their parents. Maybe they did the same thing at Christmas maybe not but at least they'll do it for Mother's Day.

And while that gesture is nice and mothers will appreciate it, consider this: God's day comes around once a week. Why are some willing to do this for their mother but not their Father God? Our mothers carried us for nine months, but our God made us and gave us the breath of life!

Why do we ignore Him? Just asking!