Majority Rules?

When did we decide that the majority rules in religious matters? Well thankfully, not all of us have done that, but many have. Majority rules may be the way a democratic society reaches decisions, but the church, and the realm of God are not a democratic system.

Majority rules thinking put Christ on the cross. When the majority rules, it means man rules, and that's just not the way God designed it. Bad things happen when the majority rules in opposition to the teachings of God.

Among several things that happen is man starts to follow man, and then a group start to follow a particular person, until suddenly, one person is elevated above others. Now, he and those loyal to him become the majority and they make the rules. Then comes disagreement, resistance, and division, which lead to even worse things eventually, like violence, and as we know all too well, even war. People are fleeing countries today, because they have become the minority, and the majority are up to no good.

Think for a minute about all the evil wrong things that have been passed as law, that we are forced to tolerate in our world that have come from a majority rules mentality. We see it more and more. One example is legalizing illegal drugs, the majority want to use them, just make it legal. Apply that logic to child pornography, bank robbery, burglary. Thankfully our society still has limits, but history tells us eventually, even the vilest of actions start to be accepted by the majority. Remember a place called Sodom?

We easily see why the whim of man to think the majority can dictate morality or more importantly, church doctrine just can't work, yet we are there, it's happening in churches. We see voting in denominations on progressive ideas, and the majority rules and those denominations have to re-write their doctrine to accommodate new ideas, many of which are foreign to the Word of God, but viewed by the masses as valid, because after all, the majority ruled!

May we never pursue such Satan driven thinking in the Lord's Church. We submit to God, He makes the rules. End of story!