God's Word Works

During my younger years, my mother often asked, "What's this world coming to?" She was making a statement, obviously, that many things in the world were headed in the wrong direction. She really wasn't looking for an answer, and she didn't live to see a post 9/11 world.

She was a Godly woman if I ever knew one, and she would be horrified at today's answer to her question. I think she would be much more upset at the hateful way Americans are treating Americans and our gross immorality, than the threats from terror and the evil that is loose in our world threatening us physically. You see, my mom lived by the principle of treating others right and they will treat you right. She would further that by saying obey God, and you will be right.

That doesn't work today, but not because it can't. It takes people on both sides willing to do it in order for our earthly relationships to be right, and it takes man submitting to the authority of God to work at any level. We don't see either, thus, we have what we have. Yes, I know there are still good people, friends, neighbors, and Christians who practice these principles, but our world is blind to them.

When God said "Love your neighbor as yourself" and (paraphrased) "Do unto others as you would have them do to you", His principle was rock solid. It will work today in our political battles, our battles with evil foreign governments, our war with ISIS, and in the sand box where the kids play.

God's Word works, period! It's people that don't work!

Our morals, when we see them as we ought, come from scripture. When we preach peace, that's a Biblical concept. When we preach tolerance, we need to understand it from scripture to avoid Apostasy, but again, it's a Biblical subject. Love, courtesy, honesty, joy, patience, forgiveness; our society preaches them, but doesn't practice them. But they will still work, because God's Word works, always has, always will.

The absolute most powerful weapon we have against Satan, and our most powerful tool to affect change in this world is prayer. Pray to our Almighty God, that His Word will be done. It works!