Double Check

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I've become quite technologically advanced when it comes to refilling my medication. I have this App on my phone that lets me scan the barcode on my bottle, and wa-laa, my refill is done. But I must have done something wrong because when I went to get my meds this morning, they had not received it. So, I watched as they filled it, and they have this neat machine that they pour the pills out onto, and it numbers them individually and counts them.

I commented how that was pretty neat, and they said that they have to scan the customer bottle, and the pharmacy bulk bottle and those must match, and then the machine will count the pills. Pretty hard to go wrong with that. Oh, how I wish I had something like that in my life!

I wish I could scan God's will for me (the bulk bottle), then submit my plans for my life (the customer bottle), and spread out my intentions before God and have Him agree to them before he would let me proceeded. Oh, I have His will for me in His Word, and I have my good intentions, but often times I stray from those as I live out my life and while I wish He would reach down and stop me from making mistakes, He can't do that, otherwise my free will to serve Him is no longer my free will.

Thank God for the grace He offers, that allows me to stay connected to Him in spite of my inability to get it right every time. Thank God for the forgiveness He offers. Thank God for His Spirit that lives within me to guide me and comfort me. God wants willing servants, therefore He doesn't force anybody into submission in this life. He lays out His desires for us, helps us along, and will reward those who diligently seek Him and obey His will. (Heb 11:6, John 8:51, John 14:23, Acts 5:29, Rom 6:16-17, Heb 5:19 & others)