What Are They Thinking?

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A well-known educator of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, is famous for saying, "A lie doesn't become truth, wrong doesn't become right, and evil doesn't become good, just because it's accepted by a majority!"


This bears repeating, not because Booker T. Washington said it, but because God says it throughout His word and concerning many facets of our lives. It is certainly a daily consideration for all of us.

Looking in scripture, and looking at our world today, false teachers are crowd-pleasers. We also see that from some of our elected so-called "leaders". They bask in compliments and praise from those who take their side in things. The events of last week that dominated the news bear that out.

Consider the changes you have seen in your lifetime, changes for the worse. Look at some of our modern day laws that came about because the "majority rules" mentality pushed them through. Yes, the majority did rule, and in our society that's the way it works, but how often can we look at the outcome and plainly see that Satan scored a tremendous victory?

The corruption that has crept into and dominated religious groups since the first-century church began to fracture has often been because of "majority rules" thinking. Had all believers from all times adhered strictly to the words of the Bible, would we have today's wide and diverse extremes when it comes to religious matters, or would we still all adhere to the pattern of the NT first century church?

If we have just two opinions on a matter, in most instances both can't be right, and in some cases neither are right. Choosing to pattern a religious practice after either one simply because more believe it than the other, still does not make it right, if it wasn't right to begin with. That's why God gave us the Scriptures, and the teachings contained in them. We are told in 2 Tim 3, that we have been "thoroughly equipped". We have been supplied. What we need has been delivered one time for all time. (Jude 1:3) There is no room or necessity for modern-day alterations of the scripture even if the majority seems to think so.

If you are like me, you are appalled at what goes on in our world every day. I mean, I'm genuinely horrified, disheartened, and personally outraged at some of the decisions that I see come from courts, congress, and other places. No, I don't think I'm the all knowing wise one, but as one who has had a lifetime of exposure to God's word and will, sometimes it takes no effort at all to see the stunning and frightening transgression from what the Scripture says in man's so-called wisdom. Most times these things are because so many people push for the outcome of their desires. They feel satisfaction because they get what they want. In their "majority rules" mentality, all is well.

The OT is absolutely full of examples of when people transgressed God, left God, ignored God, or did what the crowd wanted, and we are told what God's reaction was to those situations. How many golden calves are we producing today, because of the push of the people? Aaron made that calf because he was pressured by the people, and then when confronted by Moses, he blamed the people for pressuring him. Doesn't that sound familiar?? Exodus 32 says "...Moses saw that the people were unrestrained...". Again, we can relate, can't we? If ever there has been an unrestrained society, it's now! "You shall not follow a crowd to do evil" (Ex 23:2)

In a nation where the majority does get to rule, let us not be unrestrained along with the crowd. Let us not be part of the crowd that strays further and further off the path Jesus has laid out for us. Christians and especially spiritual leaders in the church, let us not be weak like Aaron was in that moment, and allow compromise, even under pressure. Interestingly enough, Exodus 32:4-5 suggests, in my opinion, that Aaron wasn't trying to build an idol to "replace" God, but perhaps to "represent" God. I won't demand that I'm right in that, but read that and see if you agree. BUT either way though, the action was improper in God's sight, and even though the people were very pleased with the outcome, God certainly was not!

Even if our motives may be good, God required adherence to His teachings, otherwise, He will reject our efforts. Nadab and Abihu went down in history for adding incense to the fire they offered to God. Their incense was not pleasing to God as He had not authorized it, so God sent fire from His presence and it consumed these men. ( Leviticus 10:1-2) A clear lesson for us today not to make assumptions as to what God wants. We must seek His unadulterated will.

Booker T. Washington was right in his famous quote. Let us not forget where it came from and Who remains behind these teachings.