Let Us Act Now

Several years ago, there was a TV series called 'The West Wing'. In about season 6, Leo, the Chief of Staff to the President, has a heart attack and he is replaced. When Leo recovers he comes back, but not as chief of staff. Leo starts looking to see what the Bartlett administration can do in their last year to make a difference in the world, to impact the country in positive ways, and leave a legacy. They know they only have so many days left to get it done and their chances will be over.

In reality, our lives are the same way, with the exception that we don't know when our last day will be. We can't get a calendar, circle a date, and know we have that long to accomplish whatever it is we want to do. For all we know, today may be our last day.

Not speaking of being ready to meet our Lord, we have often addressed that, but surely there are other things in life, important things, perhaps urgent spiritual matters that we want to do. Things that will make a difference in the lives of someone else long after we are gone perhaps. Probably we all have worldly things, as well as things that are of a spiritual nature that we "plan" on doing when we get around to it.

Several years ago, a man I knew well owned an auto supply store. He had some round wooden trinkets about the size of a poker chip printed up, and on them was written "tuit". People would come into his store, and buy this or that, and say "one of the days, when I get around to it, I'm going to change those spark plugs too". This guy would grab one of these 'tuits" and toss it to them across the counter. 9 times out of 10, they would look at it and say, "what's this?" He would reply, "its a round tuit. You said when you got one, you would change those sparks plugs. So what will it be, AC or Autolite?"

If we have something important on our radar, but never seem to get a date circled on your calendar, what will it take to get us motivated enough to take care of it. Our time is ticking too, maybe not one final year of an 8 year presidency, but ticking all the same.  I know people who are highly organized, and they never seem to be behind on anything.  Unfortunately, that's not my nature at all, so I ask, are we doing what is important? Are we taking care of those things that will last, once we are gone? Are we concerned enough to finally act, or will we just keep kicking the can down the road?