When Children Pray


Wow, what a prayer!

Wednesday night, our congregation held a back to school bash for our kids, and many people worked hard and long to make that happen. It is obvious the love the church has for its kids, and they left with give-a-ways and prizes and hopefully a word or two of encouragement from the church and the elders.

But let me tell you what the adults left with. One of our Jr. High boys led a prayer, that blew us away. Several of the adults were wiping tears from their eyes, including me, at the heart felt wisdom this young man expressed as he solicited God's help for the coming school year.

I wish I had recorded it, and could tell you what all was said, but I didn't, nor is my memory very good. But in addition to asking God to guide them, and lead them as our kids went back into the schools, he also expressed happiness over being re-united with friends, and then came the tear jerker.

My poor memory just can't remember exactly what was said, but it was something along these lines. 'God, let us be light to those in darkness, let us love our friends, and not everybody is our friend but let us also love our enemies'. I probably missed that word for word by a mile, and I regret that because it was perfectly worded, and very humbly expressed, and I don't think there was an adult in the room who could have hit the nail on the head any better, even with some forethought. This Jr. High student really showed what we try to instill in our kids. He is to be commended, and we should be very proud that our kids are learning and growing in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Meanwhile, we pray that all of our kids will have a safe, happy and God led school year.