Every Day Is Special

Happy Labor Day! Labor Day is a holiday to recognize the American Labor Movement, a holiday thought to have been established in the late 19th century as trade unions and labor movements grew. Now, the last long weekend of the Summer season, it’s still Labor Day.

I don’t know if you have looked into the future any or not, looking at holiday calendars on the internet. Many of those published now don’t even have Easter listed, nor the holiday still recognized by many as ‘good Friday’. You can also find many a calendar on line that still has December 25th as a holiday, but it is no longer called Christmas, because the mention of Christ might trigger an avalanche somewhere. It’s called different things, one I found to be common is ‘National Pumpkin Day’. It’s not that these calendars said December 25 was also National Pumpkin Day, they just don’t mention Christmas at all.

It seems Thanksgiving has survived the best up till now, maybe because we usually get Thursday and Friday off?? Like the others though, it is under attack. Probably it too will be changed to something that doesn’t have a religious connotation. I’m figuring it will have ‘Turkey’ in the title.

Now don’t misunderstand me. Many religious holidays had their origin in pagan doctrines, and as Christians we can’t support pagan beliefs nor promote false teachings. I do however, appreciate that our society, most of it anyway, chooses to set aside some days to at least remember the birth of a boy named Jesus, who in His short 33 year life, was the most influential and famous man to ever walk this earth, and the combined events of His death and subsequent resurrection were the single most significant events ever to take place on this earth. The most published history book in the past 2000 years tells that story. Certainly that’s worth more recognition than two days a year, yet even those two are being pushed out of sight and out of mind. I pray however that people understand the necessity to make those things a daily remembrance, and not just an annual one.

Likewise, I appreciate a day set aside to give thanks to our Father who provides for us, keeps watch over us, and loves us beyond anything we can comprehend. But like the former, we should be thankful continuously, not just when it pops up on the calendar. As our liberal politically correct society continues to erase anything “God” from our hearing or our view, let us be reassured that as long as we are alive and breathing, God lives. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, whether He stays on the calendar or not!