The Storms Of Life

I wanted to encourage everyone who reads this post today to pause and pray for the people being pounded by Hurricane Dorian. One news report said the first victim to die was a 7 year old Bohemian boy, who was with his family trying to relocate their home. His name was Lachino McIntosh, who drowned. His sister is still missing. These are real flesh and blood people that need our prayers, and the intervention of God in times like these. As the storm hammers Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and others, people will need FEMA and the relief response our nation has to offer during such events. But they will need the spiritual hand of God even more! And they need our prayers, not just today, but for days to come.

Yesterday, news reports were saying the storm late Monday "was just sitting and spinning" over an island in the Bahamas, and had been "all day long". There was little movement. Imagine being underneath that massive, powerful, destructive mass of nature, begging for it to go away and spare your life and property. Hour after hour, you watch and listen, as many of the material things you have worked your whole life for are slowly ripped apart, and you pray your shelter will withstand the forces of nature.

Often times we refer to life's most difficult struggles as storms, and for good reason. We often say "the storms of life". The origin of that is unknown, but reminds me of the story of Jonah, where Jonah tells others on the boat to throw him overboard because "it is my fault that this great storm has come upon you". (Jonah 1:12) They were at sea, with a literal storm of strong winds, high waves, and a fearful uncertainty of survival. Sometimes the troubles we face in life are not light and momentary either, they are really tough and the road is long and hard, and we feel like the storm has parked itself over us, and is just sitting and spinning.

One such storm was the day of the greatest storm in history, which was forecast by God, with warnings for people to repent. I wonder when the clouds began to gather if they still shook their fists at God? I wonder when those first few drops began to fall if they were having second thoughts? Did they beat on the side of the boat when the water got about knee high, begging to come aboard? I wonder if we, and other people today, firmly believe that just such a day is coming for us, a day none of us will avoid, when the believers will be safely carried away in the rescuing arms of Jesus, while the unbelievers are transported to a harsh place, where the storm never ends, to endure the forecast wrath of God for eternity?

We make figurative comparisons of getting through these hard times the same way we get through storms.

Is our house built on a solid foundation?
Is our anchor safely moored?
Do we have shelter from the storm?
Do we have shade in the heat of the day?

We can take great comfort when we are are on God's side before, during and after the storm.

The one we serve is the one who can calm the storm!
Our God is the one who can provide refuge in times of trouble!
The winds and the waves obey our Shepherd!
Our Lord is the one who lights the way when it's dark and uncertain!