Jesus The Man, Jesus The Savior

All over the world today (Dec 25th), people are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The actual day of His birth is not given to us in scripture, so we don't know exactly when it was. But just the fact that a day is singled out by people from every corner of the globe is a positive thing, and helps bring the focus of so many back to where it ought to be, Jesus our Savior.

The miraculous birth of Jesus was the start of what would be some 33 years of His life on this earth, a life never matched by any other human being. He came with purpose, and He left after fulfilling that purpose in a chain of events that scripture tells us was part of God's plan for us since before the earth began. Eph 1:4, 1 Peter 1:20

Christ's birth was necessary for Him to come here, and live as we do, walk among us, teach us, and then become an atoning sacrifice for us. The blood He shed as He was sacrificed on the cross is the only thing there ever has been or ever will be that makes us presentable to God the Father. It took His life in order for ours to be saved, Jesus taking our place of punishment, with His blood satisfying the requirements of God.

Today, as you think of the baby Jesus, please don't stop there! Think of Jesus the boy, Jesus the young man, Jesus the man walking and talking and living among sinful society, yet never sinning, never transgressing the laws of God. Think of the Jesus who gave up Heaven to come live here, to be humiliated, mistreated, beaten, whipped, and eventually nailed to a wooden cross. Ponder why He would do that, and then let that understanding of His love fill your life.

Today, as you think about the baby Jesus, if you have never submitted to His will, there will never be a better day than today, there will never be a more convenient time, there may never be another chance! Jesus came for a reason, and that reason was you. What have you done in return?

We'd love to study with you and help you to know His word and therefore His will. He requires obedience to that will, and we can help you know what that is, and we'd love to assist you with obeying Him. Contact anyone at 37th Street, yes today. We will gladly open our presents later! There is nothing more important than putting on Christ in obedience to His commands.