Firmly Take Your Stand

Where are we standing as Christians? Do we look for some neutral place in the middle, where it is quiet and we can remain insulated from the far left or the far right?

I've often described myself as being "in the middle" at least when talking about politics and we somehow often position ourselves based on our political views. But I'm not talking about politics here, I'm talking about right and wrong, and the fact that we should be positioning ourselves based on our understanding of scripture. I hope the following words encourage you to think more like God, politics put aside.

After pondering this for a few days, I've determined that I'm not really in the middle, and that the middle moves around based on what is being discussed anyway. I also have determined that God is rarely in the middle either. He's actually firmly planted in righteousness, and with rare exception He doesn't seek compromise or neutral middle ground and doesn't ask us to either. My goal is to look for where God is on every issue, and that's where I need to be. And, I'm finding that seldom is that in the middle!

Our world says we must change our thinking, we must be more diverse, we must be more accepting, we must be more accommodating and much of what they want us to condone, we can't as Christians. They all but demand we make these changes or be the targets of persecution, wearing their assigned labels of bigots or racist or fanatics. All of that is to drag us to their side of things. But where should we be?

The Apostle Paul in several of his writing to the Churches says we need to "STAND FIRM", and he tells us to do that "in the faith", "in Christ". He says we must use the offensive and defensive weapons God gives us to stand and fight the good fight against evil. He says we have been set free, and we must STAND FIRM so we are not pulled back into the world's way of thinking. (1 Cor 15:58, 16:13, 2 Cor 1:21, 1:24, Gal 5:1)

Our job is to know where God has taken a stand, and stand there beside Him and fight for Him. God does not desire us to take a 'neutral center' stance of the issues so as to avoid conflict. If where God is standing means we cling to our old time religion, then that's what we do. If where God is standing reveals to us that we are clinging to old time man-made tradition, then it's time to move. If where He is affords us quiet passive safety, great! If it means we must go to battle for Him, then we do that too! We need to look for God, see where He wants us to stand, and then "take our stand".

We do have a caution or two, about standing firm, "So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!" (1 Cor 10:12) But after we have taken the necessary steps to insure we are standing where God wants us to, we also have this encouragement, "Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you." (1 Cor 15:58) We are told to be "strong and courageous". (1 Cor 16:13).

Today, consider with me as children of God, whether we are standing and fighting against the spiritual forces of evil in Satan's realm, or whether or not we are standing someplace in a safe space, all alone because God is standing elsewhere. Let us look for God, stand firmly where He does on whatever the discussion is, and let nothing move us.