I'll Stick With God

I see things that from time to time just make me go "what"? This week, science announced that they have made a "new" discovery. Now I believe in science, I believe God created what we call science, and I believe He is behind it all in every way. But this week, the headline was that "an ancient black hole as heavy as a billion suns is pointing right at us". I won't deny maybe they discovered something not previously discovered, but it was the next line that caught my attention. "The discovery changes what we thought we knew about the first billion of life in the universe"!

Now, first of all, you need to know I'm an old fashioned guy, and I've seen in my lifetime the supposed "age of the universe" grow from a few hundred thousand years, to a few million, to a few hundred million and now into the billions. The experts keep changing that "fact". That aside, I just wanted to make this comment about the article. It says "this changes what we thought we knew". Wait just a minute! Evolution was "proven" way back when by the "experts" and they have been demanding all my life that I believe their "theory" because "they can prove it" ..."through scientific data", "it's right", "it's correct" they have said my whole life. But now new scientific data suddenly that may blow all of that "exact science" and "proven knowledge" out of the water.

I'm sorry, but I'll stick with my documented account of creation, written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit of God, and the fairly accurate measurement of the age of the earth based on the lineage of those people of old that we also have recorded in inspired history. My God created it all, and science keeps making other new discoveries and other scientific determinations on a regular basis that support what this inspired book of God has to say.

If theorists had to make a total guess as to what happened a billion years ago in the evolutionary theory, I'm curious how they think they got it right in the first place, and now just found something that brings that guess into question. Wasn't it a one-in-a-million possibility in the first place? If you tell me that something we see in our telescopes took 1 million light years to get here, but that the source has since burned out, how do you know, unless you watch it for 1 million years to see if it goes away? If evolutionists keep finding new stuff that refutes what they "knew", how can any of us reasonably hang our hat on anything new as factual, because the next discovery will render it inaccurate as well. We could live 80 years believing what was true at the time, gambling our eternity on it, only to die and a new discovery change everything the day of our funeral.

So I'm sorry, but I'll stick with God! I'll stick with what I know provided by God's inspiration, not what I have to guess at. I see way too much that tells me God is real, and way too much that backs up my beliefs. Feel free to call me what you wish, but I'll stick with God regardless of what anybody discovers and calls new and has to create a theory around to explain it, and justify it with what they said a week ago that now isn't what they thought it was. You can keep all that nonsense because I'll be just fine, I have God.