The Extra Mile

Maybe you saw a little article this week about a child who damaged a man's car because his bike didn't have any brakes.

How would most of us react?

I know some people who probably would have grabbed the bike and put it in their trunk and held it for ransom until the damages were paid. I had something similar happen to me when I was about 13 and I actually wasn't the guilty party, but was accused anyway. I think most people would make sure the kid was ok, then contact the parents and try and figure out how best to handle it to get the damages taken care of maybe calling the police. A select few would probably just decide to drive away and do nothing, taking the damage but not expecting any repayment. In the story this week, this older man did something else, he came back a few days later and surprised the kid with a new bike.

We see stories and often we ourselves do good things for people, like buying meals or a pair of shoes for a homeless person. Things like this happen all the time, but in this instance, this bike wasn't even a meal for a hungry person, or shoes for a shoeless person, things we feel are necessities. This was over and above.

Isn't this the type of attitude we should have as Christians? Not in buying bicycles per-sey, but in how we treat other people regarding any encounter we have with them. We need to have a giving spirit, a heart to do good, and a desire to show them that we care about them.

I know I could stand to be more like the man who bought the bike. What about you?

(Source: Reddit/schefar)