Our Allegiance Is To Him

The story is told of a Navy officer who requested leave from his Commanding Officer to attend a wedding. The CO asked the date and said the young man could attend, as long as he was back on base by 8pm. The young man indicated that would not be sufficient time and said, but you don't understand, I'm in the wedding. The CO replied, no, you don't understand, you're in the Navy.

Why do we struggle so much? We are in the family of God, we are in the church, we are a part of His kingdom. We are loyal to Him, what He desires and what belongs to Him. There have been times in my life where I wish some little voice would have reminded me of that, when I was doing something I should not have been. I'll not suggest that it's easy to forget that we are His, God has done tremendous things for us to bring us to Him, but sometimes when we let our guard down, we stop acting like it. We allow ourselves to behave like the world around us in moments where we don't stop and remember that we are in Him, and devoted to His path.

Perhaps we struggle because of the influence of the world, and it's a strong influence. Our human side easily leans toward that same behavior, and we must daily restrain ourselves from giving in to those ways. There are many distractions that may not necessarily be sinful, but that pull us away from our true path. Then, there are dangerous temptations that can put us in a position of acting upon them and sinning, where if not corrected, can place us in real spiritual jeopardy. .

Today, ponder for a bit the fact that we answer to God. He sets the rules. Our lives are no longer ours to behave as we please because we have chosen to submit to His will. It is a place we have chosen, and a place we desire to live out our lives because we know that in the end, it will surely be worth it all. As we struggle to stay compliant, let us remember what we signed up for, and who we owe our lives to.