He Is A Gift

I may be the last kid on the block, but have you driven one of these vehicles with the adaptive cruise control. It gently steers you back into your lane if you start to drift over the line. In fact, if you are trying to drift over the line (with your turn signal off) it will fight you a bit trying to keep you in your lane. It also slows down when approaching another vehicle in your lane and will even slam on the brakes if it needs to. I’ve been driving all morning, this thing is amazing.

The Holy Spirit does much the same thing for us. He is actively watching our thoughts and deeds and He gently steers us back on course when we drift. He won’t fight us if our mind is made up to get off course but He will prod us as we do begging us to return to our path.

Isn’t it wonderful to have the Spirit of the living God alive and active within us? Christians receive this Spirit as a gift from God when the blood of Jesus washes away our sins in baptism and we rise from that watery grave to live a new life, one devoted to God.

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