God's Perfect Road

I ran across this graphic on a friend's FB page and for some reason, it just made me think. I'll be the first to say I'm glad I live in 2021 and not 0021, or BC-2021. I'm glad I'm not walking everywhere I go, or having to ride in an animal drawn cart. I'm glad I have heat/cool in my vehicle and my house. I'm thankful for running water and electricity. Life would have been much harder, even 100 years ago and I can attest that it was a little harder 50 years ago, although I'd like to do that one again compared to today in so many ways! It was simpler, people cared, and got along.

Life today is full of potholes, detours, hazards and low water crossings isn't it? Always something! Life certainly isn't perfect, but those things constructed by God are still perfect. They haven't changed at all!

God paved the road to Heaven for us, and he used Jesus Christ as the cornerstone. He laid out the path, and carefully chose everything necessary for it to be easily traveled until Christ comes back. Every rock is arranged around Christ, whether you are talking about a spiritual building or a spiritual street. God constructed this path and it has no flaws. Although mankind has tried to make improvements time and time again, they have always resulted in continual failure, for which we see mankind constantly trying different ways to reshape it yet again. They just aren't content to walk on God's street.

But the original road God carefully and lovingly built is still there if people will simply look for it. It remains unaltered, and needs no maintenance or repaving, not ever. It just needs to be used!