How You Doing?

If we are Christians, we need to look like, act like and talk like Christians. NO!, we won't be perfect, and sometimes it's that one slip that everyone sees instead of the good we strive to accomplish, but if they look long enough, what do they truly see? Do they soon realize it was a slip, or are they convinced the slip is more representative of who we really are most of the time?

The old adage 'if it walks, swims, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck!" is the method by which most people define us. We want people to see us living for God, trying hard, and advancing His Kingdom when and where we can, but for that to happen, it needs to be who we truly are.

Without a doubt there are things that are at the root of being a true Christian, and we absolutely must let those shine through to those who see us. These can't really be summed up in short order, but we must set an example out of true faithfulness, with the certainty of our "blessed hope", where people witness us living a clean life using clean language and doing good to those we know as well as those we don't. In the midst of that, they need to know we love them, and that we want them to know Jesus too.

Throughout scripture, we are given charges by Jesus and His Apostles, challenges, goals, duties. These are all part of our submission and obedience to Christ which ultimately defines who we are and Whose' we are. This is what the world needs to see and hopefully understand.

We pray for encouragement for all Christ seekers, and pray that the world may be attracted to Jesus through what it sees in His servants.