God Remains In Control

2022 has had a few days now to get its feet wet, while people still talk about it being a new year. It usually takes me about two months to stop putting the previous year on documents when I must list the date.

Like many others who have voiced their desires for 2022, I will add my desires for a better year than 2021. Someone Sunday at church said they hoped 2022 wasn't just 2021 after it put on a wig and lipstick, or something like that. I knew what they meant, 2021 had lots of bad stuff we don't want to repeat and we would like a totally different year this year. We'd love nothing more than to never repeat some of what we experienced last year.

But it had lots of good stuff too, didn't it? It did for me and my family, and God worked in ways we've never seen before. And we know full well that no time, not 2022 or 2222 will we ever have peace and perfection in this physical life. This life is unpredictable, it's imperfect, and it will be filled with strife and conflict, disagreement, dissention, and lots of other descriptive words that depict those times in life when things aren't going our way.

But we know where to find peace, and we understand that joy is very possible even when we are not necessarily happy. We can understand that because we know through it all, that God remains in control. We are just transient residents here, our home isn't this earth. We would do well to remind ourselves of that often. But we know God is in control, we KNOW that, it's not just a theory or a wish. We have full confidence as well as assurance from God Himself that He is in control, and He will never leave or forsake His people. I know that's not news to you, you already knew that, and we preach it as Christians. But I pray we can all practice what we preach in 2022, and turn to God, trust Him more than ever, and always seek His will in our lives. If we can do that, Satan doesn't stand a chance!