"Be Ye Doers"

In school, high school in particular, I was taught Algebra. I didn't ever get proficient with it, and when offered advanced Algebra or Geometry for the next level of mathematics, I chose geometry, and excelled! I was very strong in English, but didn't care for it as far as it being interesting to me. I really liked science, and would have preferred to skip PE. If I had to guess, I'd figure most people have a similar memory of high school, stronger in some subjects than others, interested more in some subjects than others, yet we had to "learn" them all.

That may be a poor introduction for what I'd like to say today, but let me try and make a comparison. As Christians, we know many of the things we should do, ranging from service to study to the example we show the world. We are probably stronger in some things, and find some easier and more appealing to us, yet we should know all of them. Scripture (and I paraphrase) tells us that we are given talents, and we need to use them, put them into practice. My talent wasn't Algebra, but it certainly was Geometry, so I think I could be much more effective as an engineer or machinist than as an Algebra teacher.

God didn't make all of us the same, so we need to get serious about what He has made us good at. We may have been taught many things, but we are more likely to be effective and influential in the things we are strong at, the things we know we can do well, and that may be a short list. There may come a time when I need to do my best to solve an Algebra problem, but if I can accomplish ten times as much in the same amount of time with Geometry, then my time is better spent, and those benefiting are better served if I stick with what I know best.

What I'm trying to say in all of this is that God needs righteous warriors right now, in this world of sin and greed. We need to be DOING and not just hearing (James 1:22). We need to see where our efforts are best spent (Eph 4:11-16, Matt 25:14-30, Rom 12:6-8) and we need to get busy. God's army needs to engage the enemy, and if we are better at logistics, we need be working there. If we are pilots, we need to be flying; if we are mechanics we need to be fixing the planes and military fleet. If we are commanders, let's get busy leading, and if we are drill instructors, let's get busy training. God's soldiers need to see where in His army their talents lie, and make sure we are busy doing our part in His Kingdom.

People around us are dying right now due to lack of understanding of God, and will suffer a spiritual death on judgment day if they don't hear the message we know and should be sharing with them. Most aren't out looking for it, and some don't even know they are missing it. We have our work cut out for us.

Today, are you educated in His Word? Are you strong in sharing it? In a physical sense, no one ever built up muscles by laying around doing nothing. If we ever hope to be a light to the world, we must open up and let some light out! We need to open that door of light so that those in the rest of the house can share the light. I'm guilty of not doing that enough. What about you? Are we willing to fix the problem?