No Walking Back

One of the Washington politicians that I respect the most said something earlier this week that he’s having to walk back now. After he found out how others were reacting to it, he is trying to clarify it a bit. We see people have to clarify some times, and especially in politics, we see people occasionally make a full 180 when they learn how others received it. All of us say things at times that sound different in our heads than they do in others ears. Sometimes we need to clarify a bit, and sometimes we just used the wrong words entirely, we’ve almost all done that.

Isn’t it comforting to know that Jesus never needed to walk back anything? Jesus got it right first time every time, and some people still heard what He wasn’t saying, or didn’t hear what He was. We know that as long as we let Jesus do the talking when we preach Him, that we are telling it right. But will we still sometimes say it in ways that some may mis-understand? Sure we will. But our standard, the Bible, is correct. Nothing taught in it needs to be walked back, softened, or toned down for human consumption. It’s right just as it is.

Why would I even bring that up, you may ask? In our world where everybody is offended by anything that threatens their beliefs or understanding, it’s a real problem. There are harsh teachings by Christ that many just ignore, or bury, or tone down until they have little threat or impact, and we are doing anyone we are trying to teach the truth to an injustice by allowing others to persuade them with such empty words or intentional avoidance. People need to know all the Bible truth, not just the part that gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling. That can land us in hell really easily, if the full doctrine of Christ gets ignored in an effort to avoid conflict caused by scripture offending somebody.

If we teach what scripture says, then walk it back to where it doesn’t convict people, we just as well not teach it at all, because in fact, that’s what’s happening when we skip over the parts we don’t want to deal with!