Sunday Is Coming!

There is room for error, but given the assumption (supported by most experts) the Jews began counting hours at sunrise, and scripture tells us Jesus was on the cross until the 9th hour. This article is being posted at 2pm, our time. So had Jesus been crucified where we live, He's right now in about the last hour of His life, as He hangs by His wrists bloodied in agony, His body ridden. In a very short time, Jesus will utter “it is finished!”

We don't have an account of where all of His disciples were or exactly what is going on with them, but they know where He is, and many may well have been among other friends and his immediate family who were there looking on.

Their hopes for what they had expected from the Messiah are dashed. They thought Jesus would restore an earthly kingdom with power, and that it would rule mankind as they understood kings and kingdoms. Jesus has been explaining this isn't the way it will be for some time, but we know they still didn't fully understand. They are devastated now though at what has happened with His arrest, mock trials, and now His sentence being carried out immediately. Their hope is at best desolate.

As His closest disciples gathered after his death, hopes dashed, hearts broken, we know that some of them even dismissed the possibility that He was the Messiah. (Luke 24:21) I can't imagine the desolation they felt, much less the sinking feeling they all had.

We are blessed to have the whole story, we know the big picture, and we understand what kind of kingdom Jesus came to set up and that He was successful in doing so, one that will never fall or fail. But they didn't, at least not yet!

Don't you just wish you could have met with them, and said, "Relax, Sunday is coming!!