When God Wins

When God wins, I'm excited. How about you?

When I see someone give their life to Jesus, and die to their old life to be born again of water and the Spirit, I'm excited.

When I see some injustice in society resolved with a righteous outcome, I'm excited.

When I see God's presence in something, or His hand moving something in response to prayers, I'm excited.

Trying to avoid saying anything politically controversial, we all know what is dubbed politically correct by society is often in opposition to God's word. So when God triumphs, and society takes a hit, I praise God.

For me, and perhaps you can relate, I see these victories all the time, and they remind me that God is alive and active, and that He hears prayers, and that He still cares about what is going on down here. We see things happen in the world and are convinced He's steering the outcome. We see political figures tumble who are corrupt. We see blows to tyrannical governments, or victories to their adversaries. We even see such things as huge business deals take place where we feel God is going to use the change for His glory.

But we also need to always look a little closer to home. What has God done for me today, what opportunities has He placed before me, what problems has He solved, what obstacles has He removed, what courage or comfort has He provided? All of these are important, because we see and understand God working in our lives. And let us never forget that in the end, God wins! Actually, He's already done that, the victory is His and it's set in stone, we just have to wait for the end to come in order to experience that finale with Him.

I pray today that you will look around you, and within yourself, and see what victories God is accomplishing, and give Him both thanks and praise. He deserves the glory we offer.