Only A Glimpse

Earlier in the summer, I started getting e-mails from Microsoft Viva, one of them "Your digest e-mail" and the other, "Your daily briefing". The briefing is sort of neat, it looks at my calendar, and looks a few days back at any e-mails where I may have said something like, "I'll get back with you" and it reminds me in case I may have forgotten. So if we think there are not algorithms out there to track what we do on our phones and computers, think again. But they only see what they are told to look for, they can't see what isn't there, so they can't ever know exactly what the real situation is.

The other one, "my digest" that popped up last week, gave me a look back at my previous month. It said last week, I worked 24 cloud documents outside of my working hours. Yes boss, I'm in the office after 5, some days that's the only time to get my paper work done! But it also said I had 18 days of quiet, with little or no outside collaboration. Not sure what it looks at for that info, maybe just whether or not I sent any e-mails, or if I had activity on the computer. It said I had 2% of my total time in collaboration (meetings, calls, e-mails etc.) and I'm really curious what all they 'sample' from my keystrokes to get that, but it listed employees within our organization that I supposedly spent this time with. Scary enough, it was pretty accurate, but it didn't know that I was on vacation 10 days, worked 11 days, was out for medical leave for the rest, and that it was nothing like my typical month. Yet, it's what the computer saw, so it wrote up a summary description of my work.

So where is all this going? Not any place really, but it did cause me to think about people that only get a snap shot of us every day or two, and don't get to see who we really are or what we really do, or what we are really all about.

What do people see in these brief encounters with us? Are we any different from the world? How do we treat them? Did we show them any love or concern? Did we do anything to show them Jesus and our desire to follow Him?