Iron Sharpens Iron

Whether you are a lady who likes to cook in the kitchen or a woodworker who crafts fine articles, you understand the difference between working with dull tools or sharp ones. It's so much easier and less time consuming when things are sharp.

It's also much safer. Safer you say? Maybe you've heard the saying that you are more likely to be injured with a dull knife than a sharp one. I can testify with scars and stories that there is truth to that. Trying to cut something and using way too much force when the knife is dull is not a good idea.

So translating what we can understand from the physical to the Spiritual, we need to stay sharp as Christians. We need to be walking with God, holding His hand, and following His lead. Our minds need to be sharp, clear and sober. Our actions need to be appropriate and intentional. If we are dull, our minds are not where they need to be, our actions may see us crossing lines we need not cross and our attention is diverted away from God. That's no way to grow our love or our faith.

Today maybe you need to renew your edge so you can work efficiently and be productive, taking risk out of your life and becoming a useful tool for God. Remember, being in His word, studying His teachings and following His will will sharpen us, as well as being around other people who do the same. "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17