They Don't Compare

May be art of 1 person

Have you seen artwork that I call 'sling paint' artwork? Some of it is interesting, even eye catchy. I used to have a large acrylic piece of art like this in my office lobby over a sofa, although it had someone run some brush strokes through it after the paint was thrown at it. I actually like some of it, I'm not putting it down as art.

But even this artwork takes some consideration for size, colors, mixing of colors and if the artist so chooses, some brush strokes or other human intervention, and it takes someone to buy the paint, stir it, and sling it. Still, I draw the comparison of it, calling the result of it on canvas as "chaotic" and compare it to the intricacies of the human body, and we all know that what we can see with the human eye, doesn't even compare to what is visible only under the microscope of what makes up our bodies and makes them function. Who knows, there may even be another layer of the human body yet to be seen and someday technology will allow that.

This is why I can't swallow the big bang theory, where supposedly absolutely nothing, located absolutely nowhere, at no point in time as it didn't exit, suddenly blew up, and gave us this massive universe, creating everything everywhere, all in logical order with delicate microscopic composition. Our world has a designed purpose, planets revolve around the sun in our solar system, and we now know there are many other such paces in what we call outer space. Yet it all has order, it is not chaotic.

Many people say they can't believe in a God who they can't see, yet for me anyway, believing in the big bang takes a massive amount more faith to try and make sense of, and even then, it makes no sense at all. I choose God, and I know He chose me!

"For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world"... and then through Jesus, opened up the way for us "to be holy and blameless in His sight". (Eph 1:4) Only a living God could or would create something He would then chose over all other creation to love, and to make in His own image so we could dwell with Him.