God, The Master Craftsman

What is God doing with us?

I fear sometimes that I may think the answer for my life is 'not much'. Problem with that is, I don't know what He knows!

If we stop and think about it, God can do anything, He's all powerful, unlimited in ability. He's all knowing, and our degree of knowledge is extremely limited in capacity to His to say the least. He's all present, and sees all from every angle in the life of every human being on earth. So God has the total capability to use any of us at any time to accomplish anything for His purpose. It's totally possible that we may never even know the role He's having us fulfill in the bigger picture that we cant' see.

We see God using some people in the Bible that we'd probably not mention if we were writing the history books, some truly evil people, some truly sinful people, some normal like most of us and some exceptionally righteous. Yet, He used them all in His providence. Some of the things they did were small in their own eyes, and likely they didn't know at the time that God was doing anything special, yet it had ripples throughout history that God needed as part of His purpose.

I love to watch these videos where a guy grabs a few pieces of metal from a rusty scrap pile, cuts and shapes them, welds them and fabricates some useful tool out of it. Same thing where people take an old wooden pallet and wind up with a beautiful piece of furniture. God can do that with the mess that is my life too. I shouldn't worry about my rough edges or what I see as inabilities. He knows what He can do with me.

I pray today that we have the attitude that we are useful to Him, and that we are more than willing to submit to His will to use us in whatever plans He has. We should have total confidence that whatever He does with us, that it will all be for His glory, and in the building of His Kingdom.