Daily Decisions

Today you will make thousands of decisions. If you drove to work, your brain made a multitude of decisions in the operation of your automobile that you never consciously made, yet every steering turn, brake pedal push, mirror check and turn signal activation was a decision. If only our walk with God could be such automatic pilot as our driving!

But Satan sees to it that we have a harder time in those decisions we have to consciously make, and he works to lead us to make the wrong ones. He has an endless number of methods he uses to steer us wrong. The decisions we should make and make correctly sometimes come down to one common denominator, whether we truly love God or not.

I struggle with this because I know if my love was truly with ALL my heart soul mind and strength (Matt 22:37) that I’d make the right decision or choice every time, but since I don’t, it’s obvious some of my allegiance is elsewhere, usually within myself, my own desires and selfishness, some of Satan’s best tools in his toolbox by the way.

Today, as you go out to try and show Jesus and “be Jesus” to the people you will encounter, Satan will try and get you to do anything but…. The last thing he wants is for someone to see you acting like and serving like Jesus and he will turn up the heat to throw a wrench into your works in hopes that instead of God receiving the glory for your actions witnessed by others, God gets a black eye instead.

Life is all about the decisions we make so today, let us all make them with love for God at the center of all we do.